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I didn't have the proper names for all the episodes so I goofed up some of the extremely appropriate names for each of them. Hope you don't mind:

#1 - Darkness at Noon - Part one of the Extreme Ghostbusters' origins! Akira, an ancient Mespotamian demon, is freed from its prison and spreads disease amongst the residents of New York City.
Guest voices: Susan Tyrrell.
Airdate: 09.01.97
#2 - Darkness at Noon - Part two : Sidelined by Akira's diseased touch, Egon must depend upon his students to defeat the demon.
Guest voices: David Prince, Susan Tyrell.
Airdate: 09.02.97
#3 - True Face of a Monster - A student unleashes a golem to protect a Jewish synagogue from vandals, but the golem seems to be inclined to cause more trouble than it's meant to prevent!
Guest voices: Michael Corbett, Hal Gould, Mikey Kelley, Loren Lester, Megan Mullally, Roger Rose.
Airdate: 09.03.97
#4 - Fear Itself - A creature which defends itself by materializing its enemies' fears is accidentally unearthed and the EGBs must face their worst fears in order to get to the bottom of the mystery.
Guest voices: D. Bradley Baker.
Airdate: 09.04.97
"It's me. I'm dead." - Eduardo's afterlife alter ego
#5 - Deadliners - Where does a famous childrens' horror novelist get his ideas? The EGBs find out when his scary characters start coming to life...
Airdate: 09.05.97
#6 - Ticket to Ride (Casting The Runes) - A thief obtains a bag of runes which have the power to summon people into another dimension. The EGBs must stop the disappearances and save the captured people.
Airdate: 09.08.97
"Join the Ghostbusters, become a felon." - Janine
#7 - The Infernal Machine - An ancient demon bent on destroying mankind with his own technology tricks Roland into unleashing it on the modern world.
Guest voices: Cynthia Songe, Justin Jon Ross.
Airdate: 09.09.97
#8 - Home is Where the Horror Is - The EGBs must rescue a couple of kids from a house which entraps people and destroy the evil building ... without being trapped themselves!
Guest voices: Thomas Dekker, Justin Jon Ross, Susan Silo.
Airdate: 09.10.97
"Hey, look! A souvenir!" - Eduardo
#9 - Killjoys - Killer clowns on the loose in New York? Don't laugh -- it just might be bad for your health! A band of laughter vampires makes big trouble for the EGBs.
Guest voices: Susan Blu.
Airdate: 09.11.97
"Ecto-Man got a clown in the can, Ecto-Man caught the clown, who's the man?" - Eduardo
#10 - The Eyes Have It (The Unseen) - People are flocking to a New York museum to view an ancient orb -- but for anyone who lays eyes on it, it is the last thing they ever see!
Guest voices: E.G. Daily, Charlie Adler, Pat Fraley.
Airdate: 09.12.97
"Sacred sight you did partake, now your sight you must forsake!" - Tenebraug
#11 - The Crawler - Thieves release an ancient bug lord, who goes about breeding his army in New York. When he chooses Janine as his queen, the fight becomes personal for Egon and the EGBs.
Guest voices: Fernando Escandon.
Airdate: 09.15.97
"Do you think Egon would pay me that much attention if I had six legs?" - Janine
#12 - The Pied Piper of Manhattan - Ghosts unaffected by proton streams?! Unheard of! A character who calls himself simply "Piper" offers to deal with the city's ghost problem - for a price.
Guest voices: Roger Rees.
Airdate: 09.16.97
"It's not the pipe -- it's the piper!" - The Piper
#13 - When You Wish Upon A ... Suitcase? (Be Careful What You Wish For) - A traveling salesman grants wishes for those who gaze into his mysterious suitcase, but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for - these wishes are the stuff of nightmares!
Guest Voices: Jonathan Harris, Nick Jameson, Scott Mosenson, Victor Raider-Wexler.
Airdate: 09.17.97
"Two, two, two ghosts in one!" - Garrett
 #14 - Grease - A gremlin, one of those little critters who allegedly dismantled WWII warplanes in mid-flight makes an appearance in modern-day New York, and the EGBs must face overdue phone bills and FBI agents to avert a mechanical disaster of extreme proportions!
Guest Voices: Richard Anderson, Jeff Glen Bennett, Mona Mansour.
Airdate: 09.18.97
#15 - The Jersey Devil - Just a local myth? The EGBs find out otherwise when their spring break trip to an Atlantic City parapsychology convention is interrupted by this "mythical" beast.
Guest voices: Eddie Albert , Edward Albert (as the sheriff), April Winchell (as the waitress). Thanks to Doreen and Nora for the specific character info!
Airdate: 09.19.97
#16 - Dry Spell - A marine scientist sees a recently awakened water spirit as the key to a research grant. When Eduardo breaks the rules and allows him to steal and release the captured entity, the EGBs must stop the creature before it escapes into the ocean.
Guest voices: James Avery as Danny, Kristy McNichol, Steven Weber
Airdate: 09.22.97
#17 - Sonic Youth - The Siren uses her voice to captivate New Yorkers, and feed their life force to her sister, the Banshee.
Guest voices: Mary Kay Bergman, Melissa Disney.
Airdate: 09.23.97
#18 - Ghost Apocalyptic Future - A timeslip enables a demon to wreak havoc in the New York City of both the present and the distant future.
Guest voices: Mayim Bialik , Clancy Brown, Michael Horton, James Marsden
Airdate: 09.24.97
#19 - Bird of Prey - A boy releases the Harasvelg, an ancient creature out of Norse mythology, thinking that it will bring rain to his family's crops. Uncontrollable and bent on chaos, the Harasvelg wreaks havoc with the city's weather patterns.
Guest voices: Xander Berkeley, Billy Jayne.
Airdate: 10.02.97
 #20 - Seeds of Destruction - Shanbahac, a demon which exists only to eradicate human life, arrives in New York City and begins assimilating people into pod-like prisons.
Guest voices: John Ingle, Anjul Nigam.
Airdate: 10.03.97
"We got fresh produce with an attitude here!" - Eduardo
 #21 - The Luck of the Irish - A leprechaun seeks revenge on the descendants of those who imprisoned him generations ago. Can the EGBs stop him despite Garrett's sudden "run of bad luck"?
Airdate: 11.03.97
 #22 - Mirror Assault (The Ghostmakers) - Spirits utilize mirrors to stage an invasion on the realm of mortals. Can the EGBs catch on and stop the dopplegangers before all hope is lost?
Airdate: 11.04.97
 #23 - Slimer's Sacrifice - An ancient arctic demon attempts to free his master from the containment unit. When Slimer allows himself to be entrapped within the containment in order to keep all the spirits from escaping, Eduardo feels guilty for being so hard on the little spud and volunteers to go in after him. Guest voices: Joe Alaskey, Mary Kay Bergman, Melissa Disney.
Airdate: 11.05.97
"Wow ... this is seriously messed up." - Eduardo, inside the containment unit
 #24 - Grundelesque - A victim of the Grundel emerges from hibernation to continue his master's evil work.
Airdate: 11.06.97
#25 - In Your Dreams - When people begin having nightmares so powerful that injuries they dream of become real, the EGBs are called in, only to discover that the mysterious creatures causing the dreams are not ordinary ectoplasmic beings, but embryonic parts of a demon seeking entrance into our world.
Guest voices: Jeff Altman, Xander Berkeley, Susan Eisenberg, Michael Pataki.
Airdate: 11.07.97
#26 - Moby Ghost - A spirit who disrupts the functioning of high-tech equipment is pursued by Lotan, its ancient enemy.
Guest voices: Hamilton Camp, Tony Jay.
Airdate: 11.10.97
#27 -Fallout - An American Indian earth-spirit which has adapted to feed on nuclear energy is awakened by a uranium mining crew and goes foraging for more tasty nukes.
Guest voices: Rene Auberjonois, Michael Corbett, Stephanie Faracy.
Airdate: 11.12.97
#28 - Eyes of a Dragon - A woman, trying to find some source of revenue for her father's antique store, removes the gemstone eyes of an ancient statue, freeing its captive, Gu-Mo, who begins a campaign to retrieve the stones and gain incredible power.
Guest voices: George Kee Cheung, Tim Dang, Clyde Kusatsu, Lauren Tom.
Airdate: 11.13.97
 #29 - Till Death Do Us Start - A man makes a wish in a well on his new property, causing a ghost bride to pursue him, seeking to drain him of life.
Guest voices: Valery Pappas, Mark Taylor.
Airdate: 11.14.97
 #30 - Glutton For Punishment - Ravana, king of the rakshasas, contaminates food with an ectoplasmic element that causes all who eat it to begin devouring all the food they can get their hands on, so that Ravana may use them as storage batteries and draw energy from them.
Guest voices: Joe Lala, John Rubinow.
Airdate: 11.24.97
 #31 - Ghost in the Machine - A haunted oil field produces haunted gasoline, causing any vehicle which is fueled with it to transform into an uncontrollable demonic machine.
Airdate: 11.25.97
 #32 - Dog Days - A trans-dimensional pooch possesses the city's dog population. And as if that weren't bad enough, his owner comes to call as well!
Guest voices: Ionia Morris.
Airdate: 11.26.97
 #33 - Mole People - When mysterious power outages begin to occur in Manhattan, the authorities blame an underground population known as mole people. Can the EGBs stop the demons who are really responsible, resolving the mole people of guilt and saving the citizens of New York from losing their souls?
Guest voices: David Beron, Susan Blu, Jenna Leigh Green, Michael Gough.
Airdate: 11.27.97
 #34 - A Temporary Insanity - The Ghostbusters' notorious bad luck with office temps continues! Lilith is much more than she seems, and she intends nothing but trouble for the EGBs.
Guest voices: Nora Dunn, John Mariano.
Airdate: 11.28.97
 #35 - Rage - A troll is roused from his slumber underneath a rural bridge and roams the city causing trouble, dividing and forming a new troll whenever it is threatened.
Guest voices: Pamela Brull, Joey Dedio, Thomas Dekker, Tony Plana, Robbie Reist.
Airdate: 12.01.97
 #36 - Heart of Darkness - An old acquaintance of Egon's, Edward Kirilin, puts into motion a plan to draw spirits into our world and enslave them to do his bidding.
Guest voices: John De Lancie as Kirilin, Roger Rose.
Airdate: 12.02.97
 #37 - Back in the Saddle : Part One - Winston, Ray, and Peter return to help Egon and the EGBs battle the biggest nasty any of them has ever seen!
Guest voices: Buster Jones as Winston Zeddemore, Dave Coulier as Peter Venkman,
Frank Welker as Ray Stantz
Airdate: 12.03.97
#38 - Back in the Saddle : Part Two - The Real Ghostbusters and the Extreme Ghostbusters combine their genius to innovate big-time Ghostbusting equipment to defeat the roving spirit formerly of the Bermuda Triangle.
Guest voices: Cheri Caffaro, Dave Coulier as Peter Venkman, Pat Fraley, Buster Jones as Winston Zeddemore, Frank Welker as Ray Stantz.
Airdate: 12.04.97
"You are a Ghostbuster. You're on a case. Whip out yer PKE and get to work!" - Kylie
#39 - The Wisdom of Years (The Sphinx) - A sphinx and its riddle rob people of their intellect until Egon solves the riddle, proving to himself that aging does not make him useless.
Airdate: 12.05.97
#40 - Witchy Woman - Three girls need a "fourth believer" to complete their witches' circle and receive power from a trans-dimensional entity.
Guest voices: Allyce Beasely as Bess, Linda Blair as Selene, Ron Feinberg, Jenna Leigh Green

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