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Unfortunately Garrett has been handicapped since a very very young age. He has been on a wheel chair for as long as he can remember. But, this loss has not made his dreams and goals perish. Even though Garrett is handicapped he had managed to lead a life of an adrenal junkie. He is a hardcore spoet lover and was a member of the NBA once upon a time. He has a appetite shooting sky high and can be compared to a parrot as far as blabbering is concerned. 

Garrett's intended college major is physical therapy and/or sports medicine. While he talks tough about "shaking off" his handicap, Garrett knows there are many others for whom the same seems impossible


He signed on for Egon Spengler's class in order to hear the tall tales of modern-day cowboys. Little did he know he'd soon be

Wyatt Earp-ing himself. Unfortunately, Garrett craves such adventure... even when finding it means taking ill-advised risks.


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