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Though it sounds quiet easy ghost busting is not that simple a job. It requires perfect co-ordination of reflexes and thinking. These are a few of the instruments and weapons used by the EGB's:

The PKE Meter measures the intensity of ecto-activity. The Extreme Ghostbusters use the PKE meter to find out the exact position and kind of ghost they're dealing with.

The ghost trap is used to temporally keep the ghost's in the EGB's captivity until they transport it into the containment unit. The trap laying is usually Kylie's job but if she's in danger someone else might-as-well take over.

The Proton Pack provides the power supply for the particle stream that disables paranormal entities. Each pack contains an unlicensed nuclear particle accelerator

The Proton Gun is attached to the Proton Pack. It allows the user to control the stream coming from the pack.

The proton Cannister is basically ammo for the Proton gun. It attaches to the back of the Proton Gun and gets activated when the Proton Gun is clicked into place. 

The Ecto-1 is the vehicle of the EGB's which allows them to be transported to various locations which bear Ecto-activity. It provides umpteen amount of space for storing ammunition and also enough of space for Garrett and his wheelchair to fit in.

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