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Ghostbusters PC Game:

Ghostbusters RPG and its sequel, Ghostbusters International, were released in the 80's by West End Games when RPGs were still popular. It marked the beginning of an era for West End Games. This game is the origin of both the D6 system and West End's tradition of licensing movies. (Yes, believe it or not, Star Wars RPG is nothing but a ripoff of Ghostbusters RPG.) The basic rules can be found at The Ghostbusters RPG PBEM Page (note: I have just received word that the PBEM has shut down, but the page is still up, I think.) and more characters and unspeakable horrors are available at Ghostbusters RPG Online.


COOL! Where do I get this marvelous game?

Okay, I have the game, and some players, but they need some Characters.

Okay, I have some player characters, but now I need some adventures.

I've played for a while, but I'm insane. I need some more rules! (don't feel bad, I was the one who made them up, and I LIKE THEM!)

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