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Kylie is so darn smart... that her peers used to dismiss her as a "brain." Now, they dismiss her as a "freak." Whereas Kylie used to bury herself in Melville and Miller, recently she's taken to memorizing books of incantations, as well. Kylie is independent, but woefully alone... especially since the death of her beloved Grandmother one year ago. Shortly after the funeral, Kylie swore Grandma Rose "visited" her in a dream. Kylie's parents scoffed; Kylie resolved to speak with her grandmother again someday.

Kylie's growing knowledge of all things paranormal is nearly encyclopedic. But her knowledge of herself is minimal. As a result, Kylie rarely places herself in social situations... and is typically the last one to speak (unless provoked).Kylie

When Kylie learned that the legendary Egon Spengler would be orating this semester, she veered from her Classic Lit. concentration, and grabbed her notebook. Kylie is searching for answers... for meaning... for a cosmic plan. In the meantime, she suffers fools (and nonbelievers) lightly.

Here's a sound file I recently found on an outdated EGB site. Click here to download it.

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