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Since I myself, am not satisfied with the information I have provided to you through my page I have listed a few links to Extreme Ghostbuster sites. Following are a few of them:

This is the site I have got all my profiles from. Check it out for some additional features.

In this site you can download innumerable number of screensavers and watch the ghost logo bounce around your screen.

This website offers over a dozen wave files highlighting the most funniest moments in the movie.

This site includes photos and information from the original film and its sequels, news articles and news updates.

Venkman Blues: A total tribute to the Extreme Ghostbusters

GBHQ The Complete Ghostbusters Headquarters!

Ghostbusters Fan Forum Annex Sister Site To The GBFF!

Kylie's Cosmic Connection Dreambook Sign Away Your Soul!!!

Shea's Page A small, cute Extreme Ghostbusters Page!

The GBFF Creative Think Tank!

The Ghostbusters Webring! All The GB sites You Ever Wished For!

The Monster GB Links Page. The Last Word In Linx.

If I have missed out on your Extreme Ghostbuster site then please feel free to mail me and get your site enlisted at: 

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