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Info on the EGB's Game boy game:

Ghostbusters 2 for the Game Boy is a fairly decent Game Boy game. While it might not be what you expect at first, and find it to be to difficult, the game really picks up as you play it more. I must say, even though it doesn't quite have the graphics or sound of the NES version of Ghost Busters 2, it's a lot better!! I own both and the Game Boy version is completely different and better then the NES version. It's not one of those games like Final Fantasy Legend that takes a lot to get into. Ghostbusters 2 is a quick, easy game to get into and very enjoyable. It's not that complex, and rather using those darn slime blowers, you get the proton packs! Although i would of preferred one ghost buster to do the zapping and trapping, having one do the stunning, and one following you do the trapping is more of a challenge, and kind of makes it like a puzzle game trying to be in the right position at where to hit the ghost, and how to trap it while it's still stunned. This just ! isn't for die-hard Ghostbuster fans, while some wouldn't find it to be to their format, it is very original and unique.

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics of this game are very clear, and easy to see while, sometimes frustrating to tell who's the guy you control, and who's the one following you. A lot of the time, ghost pop up which at first makes it hard for you to react in time. Some of the levels graphics are very unrealistic. (Yeah right, like theirs 25 overturned desks in a room) However, it's still often very clear, and may appear kind of crammed some times, trying to get out of the way of those nasties! The heads of the ghost busters where done huge, which I like, and really helps to distinguish between which one your controlling, and what his function is.

Music and Sound 3 out of 10

Well, the beginning music is the Ghost buster theme, and it's nothing less of spectacular for the Game Boy. But it's just for the intro... When it comes to playing the actual stages it's just a bunch of silly beeps. The sound effects aren't bad at all, and while the boss music picks up a "little" bit, most of the music is un-impressive, and disappointing.

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

Ghostbusters 2 will seam very challenging at first. (I just spent $20 on this thing and I can't even get past the 2nd level!) well, that changes greatly as you continue to play. As you get used to it, it becomes much easier. But, it gets much more difficult at about level 4 or so. Infinity continues would of been nice rather then just the standard 3. The starting bosses don't require much to beat, because their not really all that smart, and power ups continually come down from the screen to help you out, such as a heart, that adds one peg of life to your list of 4, and the B thing, that lets you, and the ghostbuster following you to both shoot at the same time. The one following you is always invincible in the boss stages. (really nifty to put him in the way of the brunt of the boss's attack) As, with some of the plain ghosts in the normal stages, are very sneaky, and as you progress, start spinning making them invincible for the moment and disappearing! . And keep in mind, they can go through walls and you can't unless you have the power up which is very rare.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

Ghostbusters 2 for the Game Boy is a lot of fun. It's a game that you can just take out, and get to through the first or 2nd level while going from the home to the mall, or whatever. If your on a real trip though, try to get through the whole game! Ghostbusters 2 is very complete after playing it a little bit.


Frustration tens the be the games worst feature. the buildings are often kind of scrunched to geter, and your trying to get through this tiny hall way, when all of these Slimer's are coming through walls in just about all directions! But that doesn't happen often. I really think that their should have been a bit more space, because trying to get through and entire building with ghosts chaseing you. But even if they do hit you, it's more satisfying to pay em back and trapping em' rather then just doing it because it's your job! Other then that, i really don't think the spacial weapons and abilities lasted long enough once you got them.

Replayability 8 out of 10

The levels in this game have a lot of replay value. Whether it's just because the power went out, or your board, or your stuck on a air plain going to Florida, (and go see the Ghostbusters show at Universal while your their!) Going through the levels again and again doesn't become repetitive at all for quite a while.

Game Value 8 out of 10

This is kind of an if'y. If your a true ghostbuster fan like I am, I'm sure you will really enjoy it. It certainly was a lot better the NES game Ghostbusters 2! But even if your not a true fan, it's still fun to see Ray, Peter, Egon, and Winstean duke it out with the forces of evil. I'd say it's worth it for the $20 I paid for it. Ghostbusters and Nintendo... a match made in heaven! (for the Game Boy at least...) And seeing how it's being rereleased by Nintendo, you won't want to miss it, as it's probably the last hurrah for the Ghostbusters. Seeing how their won't appear to be any more Extreme Ghostbuster shows, But then theirs that Ghostbuster 3 movie come out next summer. Another Game Boy game?? Let's hope so!

Overall 8 out of 10

Ghostbuster 2 for the Game Boy, is really complete in some ways, while chocking in a couple others. It's defiantly worth a look, and it might just surprise you. I'm not saying it's Super Mario 64 great, but entertaining and very enjoyable. If you see it in a store, even if your not a obsessed Game Boy fan, check it out. It won't disappoint you. So what are you doing reading this?! Go out and buy it! And most importantly of all... WHO YA' GANNA' CALL?! GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!! However, one of my users, out of experience thinks that Nintendo EGB System is better than the gamegoy.

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